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Debunking The Apartheid Lie with Anne Herzberg and Olga Moshe Washington

March 24, 2022

Creative Community For Peace (CCFP) presents the Dispelling the Myths series, which is an educational series of discussions with thought leaders in the Jewish world that you won't find anywhere else. 


This week in conversation with CCFP Director Ari Ingel are Anne Herzberg and Olga Meshoe Washington. Both are leaders in exposing and countering the apartheid lie that is leveled against Israel. 


Anne is the author of the widely cited "NGO Lawfare: Exploitation of Courts in the Arab-Israeli Conflict" as well as 'False Knowledge as Power: Deconstructing Definitions of Apartheid that Delegitimize the Jewish State' and 'Neo-Orientalism: Deconstructing claims of apartheid in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.'


Olga is a South African public speaker, author, and attorney and Chief Executive Officer of DEISI International. Her essay, "The Apartheid Lie," was published in the book "Israelophobia and the West: The Hijacking of Civil Discourse on Israel and How to Rescue It."


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